An inspired designer

Creative and handy, Célia inspires herself from very various influences, from classical painting to street art, through photography, music 
and, of course, couture. 


When she was 23 years old, she made the choice to travel across Central America and South East Asia, punctuating her returns in France by short  trips inside European capital cities. The diversity of her experiences – and the necessity to respect a maximum weight of 25 kg per bag – made her realize the need of a bag able to melt into your outfit but also able to provide this je ne sais quoi  that the world envies so much to Parisian women : a touch of eccentricity geniously  dosed.


This is the reason why Célia has created a unique model, adapted to any kind of need : a rectangular and semi-rigid handbag in order to contain a multitude of things, equipped with a zip to ensure the security of its content, and enhanced with a handle made of a brass chain to add to the chic of each outfit.